Rustic wooden tables for Kent weddings

Top 10 Boho Style Wedding Trends for 2019

Congratulations if you are recently engaged or if 2019 is the year of your wedding. If like so many of my couples, you are planning a boho inspired wedding, no doubt your Pinterest will be full of alternative wedding ideas, far from bland hotels and nylon chair covers! There is so much to chose from when planning a boho/alternative wedding, so I thought I’d bring you a round up of my favourites which I know will be huge for 2019 weddings.

1. Outdoor Ceremonies

Ok, they may not all be legally binding but you can literally have your ceremony where ever you choose (just pop to a registry office at some other time; your guests don’t need to know). Whether it’s in a woodland, by a lake or on your own farm, the choice is yours. I recently visited Bore Place which has several options for your ceremony, with my favourite being this woodland setting. You may have also heard that the government is looking into changing the English law to allow legally binding ceremonies to take place anywhere; bringing us in line with Scotland.

Bore Place wedding venue   Image by OneLove Pictures, styling by Bohotanical

2. Pampas Grass

2018 Inspiration shoots were all over the emerging Pampas grass trend. This bushy, yet fluffy, grass creates such a statement and is the perfect way to decorate a venue. Ideal for covering large areas, creating a screen or an entrance. These grasses are only cut once a year so you will have to do your research to find a local supplier. In Kent, Hire Love and Wild Rubus used huge Pampas grass cuttings to decorate this large sailcloth marquee. One of the best things about Pampas is that as it’s essentially a dried flower it can be used over and over again, making it ideal for eco conscious weddings.

Pampas Grass as wedding flowers for 2019 weddings  Image by Heline Bekker

3. Wooden Tables

This is one of the trends I’m so pleased to see continue. Tables made form reclaimed wood which allow guests to sit in a more relaxed setting. Long trestle seating means you can chat to those both beside you and also opposite; something you can’t do when stuck on a traditional, large round table. These beautiful tables remove the need for tablecloths and offer décor in themselves. These dark wooden tables and chairs from Locate to Create are some of my favourite.

Rustic wooden tables for Kent weddings  Image by Jasmine Andrews

4. Crystal Glassware

If you are going for the boho wedding vibe, what better way to serve your drinks than in vintage crystal glasses.  This is actually a current trend in high street shops where they are selling (mass produced and shipped in) crystal style glasses. However, here at Harriet’s Table we have a carefully curated collection of vintage crystal glasses including a beautiful collection of crystal champagne saucers, wine glasses and water glasses.  Here are three of my favourites from the collection.

Vintage Champagne Saucers for Hire in Sussex   Image by Fleur Challis

5. Grazing Tables

I can’t tell you ow much I’ve loved seeing all of Grape & Fig’s creations last year. I first had the pleasure of tasting one last spring while at a farm wedding venue. Toria certainly has creative gastronomic talent and she has revolutionised the concept of a buffet. I have seen a few other catering companies making similar creations and it’s no doubt going to be a huge 2019 wedding trend. The majority of grazing tables I saw in 2018 were savoury, however I think we will see more grazing dessert tables going into 2019.  This is the one I was lucky enough to devour!

  Image by Kelsie Low

6. Peacock Chairs

Another vintage find that’s making its way into weddings. These chairs are usually either white or natural wicker and are such a statement for either the top table, the ceremony or in a chill out area for your guests. This original Biba double peacock chair is part of Hire Love’s hire collection and has been named Prudence! I love how they name all of their vintage furniture pieces. Whether single or double, I think we will be seeing lots of Peacock chairs in 2019 weddings.

Double Peacock Chair by Hire Love Image by Heline Bekker, flowers by Wild Rubus, styling by Hire Love

7. Two-Piece Wedding Dresses

I love how wedding dresses are becoming less ‘weddingy’ and there are so many different styles to choose from. The two-piece is one of my favourites as you are much more likely to wear part of it again and again and again. Some of my favourite 2019 wedding collections are from Lucy Can’t Dance, Poppy Perspective and The Bridal Boutique of Jules.  This combination from Indie Bride is perfect.

two piece wedding dress    Image by Kirsty Mackenzie

8. Independent Celebrants

I’ve been working in the wedding industry for the past 10 years but have only recently met and come across independent celebrants. When I got married we had the local council celebrant who took our service. I had no idea who they were and only met them a few minutes before the service. I’m pretty sure this was the same for all of my friends who’s weddings I’ve attended. Little did I know that you can actually choose an independent celebrant to ‘marry you’; not linked to any council. This is such a fantastic idea as you can select someone who’s personality ties in with your wedding style and they can get to know you before your wedding day. This would be 100% more meaningful than a random stranger you’ve never met. I recently met Cass; The Storyteller Celebrant, who is so lovely and always ensures the ceremony is tailored to the couple.

Independant Celebrant in Kent

9. Sustainability

Sustainability has become so important in our everyday living and eco weddings are definitely on the rise. From the fabric in your wedding dress to the source of your flowers, 2019 couples will be making lots of decisions regarding the suppliers they use. Zero waste weddings are on the rise as people don’t want to see a mountain of bin bags after their wedding reception. There are blogs and magazines focusing on eco/ethical/sustainable weddings, including supplier directories to help with your planning such as Green Union Weddings.

Green Union Weddings Eco Wedding Blog

10. Glamping Villages

What better way to end your wedding day than to stay at your venue, alongside your guests in a glamping village. These villages are so luxurious they are more like mobile hotels! Most venues that allow camping will only allow an approved glamping village supplier. This is because they will set up the structures professionally and will remove them after the event. Baylily Bell Tents cover most of the South of England and have a beautiful bridal tent as part of their collection.

Wedding Glamping Village

I hope you like my top 10 and have found this useful. Lets hope 2019 is the year the English laws will be changed and weddings become legally binding in any location. This will really shake up the wedding industry as we know it and the ‘alternative’ wedding will very much become the norm. I can’t wait!

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Happy wedding planning and here’s to a fantastic year of 2019 weddings.

Ellen x


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